Food Concepts


A food concept is the overall idea or theme of your food business. It is like your brand image. It can be a logo or an image on your web page that identifies your business or an image for a blog post that has an aspect of food as a subject. I can help you design this image.



How it works.


We will first focus on your brand message. What is the story of your business? What would you like to express? What is the tone/ mood of your business? Who would be our ideal client? The answers to these questions, and more, will help to define the image that I will design for you.


The Initial Design


Based on the initial design on paper,  I will create the images in my home studio. I will forward the different designs to you,so that you can select your favourite image. I will edit this image further. 

The editing stage will take 2-3 working days.


Your Investment

The price for conceptual photography varies, as every concept varies. It depends on the amount of time that is spent on designing and creating the concept. If you would like to discuss your wishes in more detail, give me a call.