Food Photography


An image will tell a 1000 words.


It is so true. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to stand out online with good, high quality authentic food photographs. You have spent a lot of time to create your own unique signature dishes. The next step is to get the online focus on your food. 


I can help you with this.


We can start by defining your food style, your food brand. Do you like  food images that are bright and colourful? Or more simple, bright and toned down? Are there recurring colours in your branding? Would you like to incorporate your branding with your food images? We will determine your style and branding by answering questions like these. Based on this we can decide on props, etc that we can use during the photo session. The aim is to have a plan for food photographs that portray the story of your food, its uniqueness in a consistent way.


The Shoot.


The next step is to organise the session. I will come to your premises or if you are a food producer, I can work from my home studio too. I will be using natural light if possible, near a window without any direct sunlight. I will set up my space and we can take the photos as the dishes arrive. The time it takes varies. It really depends on the number of dishes and the different types of styling. The key of my sessions is that there is a dialogue between you, the food business and me, the photographer. stylist. I always value your input. These images will represent your business so your feedback is very important to me.


The Edits.


The next step is the photo editing process. I will send you a gallery with a selection of the food images that I have taken. You can pick your favourites, which I will edit further. The process will take about a week (a bit longer during busy periods).


The Cost


Prices for Food photography start at half-day rates of €600. This will include an image of each set-up, edited and optimised for web usage and print, as well as usage rights.