Food Styling


Styling is Key.


Your food deserves the highest attention from your current clients but also potential clients. The styling of your food is a key element in getting an amazing food image. As a food stylist, I would love to help you to craft the perfect set-up for your food to be photographed. 


Planning the Shoot.


The process is very similar to the food photography process. I will sit down with you beforehand and help you to define your style and branding. We will discuss things like the tone of the image. Would you like vibrant and colourful images, simple and toned down, rich dark colours, etc. We can decide what types of props you would like to use, entirely in line with your style and branding. We can bring in some branding as well, for example packaging or logo’s. The aim is that the food images are telling the story of your food. The elements that make your food unique should be represented in the photographs.


Tastier images means more sales.


Having crafted the right design will help you to get a stronger online presence which will increase the attention that your business will receive and ultimately increase your sales.


Learn the secrets.


I offer food styling as part of my food photography package. I also offer 1-to-1 food styling training. Find out more here: [link Food Photography Training Page]


The Contact


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